Fantastic Windmill: a new static web site generator

01/26/2013 by Sylvain Hallé

I just released a static web site generator called Fantastic Windmill, which I now use to power my own web site. I got dissatisfied with good old Drupal, and in particular felt increasingly concerned that the information I put there (page contents, blog posts, attached files, etc.) was somehow "trapped" inside a database spread across multiple tables, hard to export, reuse or move around, and required heavy server-side scripting to be displayed.

Static web site generators present many advantages, which I won't list here. I tried Blogofile and Pelican, but got frustrated at the limitations they impose, in particular on the use of metadata and the expressiveness of the template language. So after fiddling around with these tools for some time, I decided I had acquired enough experience to make a stab at making my own generator. Works fine for what I need!

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