Too many academic databases, and yet another one

06/23/2011 by Sylvain Hallé

Just the facts for this quick post:

For good measure, I feel it is important to be present on all these sites, to avoid the case where someone searches for you precisely on the only site you decided to ignore.

Today, I received an invitation from yet another academic database called Odysci. The site looks fine, except for the fact that it seemingly duplicates all those previous sources by maintaining yet another list of your publications. I haven't checked yet whether this list is identical to one of the others'. As I am writing this, my publications are not even linked to the account I created.

Neither of these sites can be synced to any other. Those that do accept input of information do not provide any "batch import". If you want to do things correctly, you have to manually type in the info for each paper in each site. We have better things to do, don't we?

A message for those planning to build the next new web academic database: do something else! Please remember that every time one such new system is created, we researchers must take some of our time just to make sure that the information about us is complete, correctly displayed, etc. I know you came up with some clever automatic system that should spare us from doing that; well it doesn't. Use your brain power to consolidate the plethora of available data, but please, don't throw another chicken in that crowded cage.

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