To my Facebook "Friends"

04/28/2010 by Sylvain Hallé

I've just received a insult message on my Facebook account from a guy I don't even know.

Apparently, I provoked his anger by not replying to another Facebook message he sent 24 hours prior regarding one of my papers. This is only the last in a series of diplomatic incidents involving work-related issues funneled through the wrong communication channel. In this particular case, I simply had not received the original message: I don't visit Facebook everyday, and especially not at work (why, do you?).

In a previous case of "info-road rage", I had declined a friend invitation from somebody who was interested in my papers. My polite suggestion of rather linking up with me on LinkedIn was welcome with a blast of fury involving the expression "sick guy".

In both cases, the respective authors can now be assured of my unflinching will to ignore them until hell freezes over.

Don't get me wrong. Please ask me questions about my work. But if you want to quickly burn any chance of getting an answer, follow these instructions:

Bottom line: my friends have the good taste of not discussing work with me. If you have a question regarding my work, use a social network for work. You even have the choice: I am listed on LinkedIn and on

By the way, can someone tell me what happened of e-mail...?

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