My Erdös Number is 4

08/01/2009 by Sylvain Hallé

For a definition of Erdös number, read Wikipedia's excellent entry on the topic.

Here is the chain of collaborations from Sylvain Hallé to Paul Erdös in 4 papers.

  1. Hallé, S., Hughes, G., Bultan, T., Alkhalaf, M. (2009). Generating Interface Grammars from WSDL for Automated Verification of Web Services. Proc. ICSOC 2009, Springer: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, to appear in November 2009.
  2. Ibarra, Oscar H.; Su, Jianwen; Dang, Zhe; Bultan, Tevfik; Kemmerer, Richard. Counter machines: decidable properties and applications to verification problems. Mathematical foundations of computer science 2000 (Bratislava), 426-435, Springer: Lecture Notes in Comput. Sci. 1893, 2000.
  3. Ibarra, Oscar H.; Moran, Shlomo; Rosier, Louis E. A note on the parallel complexity of computing the rank of order $n$ matrices. Inform. Process. Lett. 11 (1980), no. 4-5, 162.
  4. Erdös, P.; Linial, N.; Moran, S. Extremal problems on permutations under cyclic equivalence. Discrete Math. 64 (1987), no. 1, 1-11.

Prior to August 2009, my Erdös number was 5 through this chain of papers:

  1. Sylvain Hallé, Rudy Deca, Omar Cherkaoui, Roger Villemaire: Automated Validation of Service Configuration on Network Devices. Proc. MMNS 2004: 176-188
  2. Christian Michaux, Roger Villemaire: Cobham's Ttheorem seen through Büchi's Theorem. Proc. ICALP 1993: 325-334
  3. Shai Ben-David, Klaus Meer, Christian Michaux: A Note on Non-complete Problems in NPImage. J. Complexity 16(1): 324-332 (2000)
  4. Noga Alon, Shai Ben-David, Nicolò Cesa-Bianchi, David Haussler: Scale-sensitive Dimensions, Uniform Convergence, and Learnability. Proc. FOCS 1993: 292-301
  5. Noga Alon, Paul Erdös: Disjoint Edges in Geometric Graphs. Discrete & Computational Geometry 4: 287-290 (1989)
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