Hello! My name is Sylvain Hallé and I am currently the Canada Research Chair in Software Specification, Testing and Verification at Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, Canada.

Prospective student? Please first read my advice and do not hesitate to contact me.

In a Nutshell

  • My research concentrates on automated verification. Current projects include the runtime monitoring of video games, the detection of configuration errors in network devices and the enforcement of navigation sequences in web applications. I also do a bit of databases and computer security.
  • I applied by knowledge in development or consulting projects with Ericsson Canada, Hydro-Québec, Solutions TLM, BlooBuzz, Novum Solutions and Cisco Systems. I also do some consulting work for some lawyers offices, mostly on web security.
  • Among recent distinctions I received, I earned five Best Paper Awards in international conferences. I am a double recipient of the Governor General's Academic Medal. I am also a Senior Member of both IEEE and ACM.
  • I am co-founder and current director of UQAC's Formal Computer Science Lab
  • As a student, I was part of a comic duet called Le Duo Tang; I produced TV shows, many radio skits, three full-length stage productions, and was involved in the creation of the SMAC project.

Web 2.0 Links

You might notice that Facebook is not in the list. Please refrain from using my Facebook account for work-related stuff.

Picture of me

Latest Posts

  1. Two New Research Papers Accepted for Publication
    Two publications will be presented at ICECCS 2014 next August.
  2. New Research Paper Accepted for Publication
    "Solving Equations on Words with Morphisms and Antimorphisms" will be presented at LATA 2014.
  3. Accepted paper at RV 2013
    ...on the use of runtime verification in video game development.
  4. Accepted paper at MeDMoT 2013
    ...on trace validation using database engines.
  5. Two new accepted papers
    ...on automated web exploration and combinatorics on words.